Shipping and Tracking

Order handling time

After orders are paid, the warehouse department generally takes 3-6 working days (Affected by hot-sales season or public holidays, the processing time may be extended to 5-10 working days) for quality inspection, packaging, and then delivery to the logistics center for shipment.

Shipping methods

As a factory wholesale platform, in order to help customers obtain more cost-effective shipping services, eeBuy provides customers in North America, Europe,UK and other countries and regions with flexible shipping methods, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, USPS, DHL e-commerce, etc.
Before placing an order, you will see all available shipping methods, the corresponding shipping time, and the freight for each shipping method. Generally, faster shipping time corresponds to a higher freight rate, you can choose it according to your needs.

Shipping time

Affected by Covid-19, the international logistics shipping time has been extended more than usual, and the freight rates of logistics companies have been at a relatively high level, which has become a common problem in the world.
Each shipping method corresponds to a different shipping time, and the logistics company will deliver the package within the time agreed upon by the current shipping method.
The shipping method you choose means that you agree to or accept the shipping time required for that shipping method.
During major holidays such as Christmas, order processing and delivery time will be forced to be extended accordingly. In order not to affect your sales, it is recommended that you arrange your purchase plan in advance.

Tracking your packages

We will notify you of the tracking number after delivery, click to check your package information