Does your site have minimum order limit?

We do not have a minimum minimum batch limit, but if you place an order over US$100, we will use express shipping, and if it is less than US$100, we will use standard shipping. Our shipping is free

How long does it take for me to reveive my wholesale order?

Here at eeBuy, we pride ourselves on being a fast & efficient shipper. 96% of orders are shipped within 7 business days.Customized or personalized items may take additional time to process, customization will be determined by you when you place your order and the number of sku's in the order.

Does yours international shipping quotes include customs/duty/import taxes?

For international shipments, our shipping quotes do not include any customs/duty/import taxes, which are imposed by the respective international countries, and not by us, or the shipping carrier. Any customs/duty/import taxes required will be the sole responsibility of the recipient. As this may differ from country to country, we are unable to give you an accurate estimate unfortunately. Please check with your country's customs for details terms and/or regulations for incoming shipments from an international country.

Can I track my order after it's been shipped?

When your order has been shipped, we will send you a Shipping Notification to your email which will have a link to a page with the status of your order and the tracking information. We also have a convenient page where you can check the tracking of your order here:View your Order Tracking

I have not received my package, even though tracking number shows delivered.

We’re sorry that you have not received your package even though tracking number shows delivered. The first step you should take is to check all around your house. The package may have been placed where it’s difficult to see (to avoid being stolen if just laying around) such as behind plants, etc. Second step you should take is to check with your neighbors. Sometimes it’s possible that the package has been misdelivered to a neighboring address close to you.
If you are still unable to locate the package, you can give the courier a call using the following contact information, depending on the shipping courier that made the delivery.

If after trying the above steps, you are still unable to locate your package, you are welcome to contact our reps using our live chat, or contact page below,
We'll be more than happy to do our best to help you resolve the problem, including helping you file a UPS tracer.


*If after reviewing your order, you realize that the shipping address you’ve provide is incorrect (wrong zip, city, street number, etc) or missing info (such as apt#, suite#, etc), and the missing delivery was caused by this incorrect or missing info, you can let us know as well. In most cases, as a courtesy to our customer, we may be able to offer to send a replacement to your corrected address by splitting the cost 50/50 of the order.


Do I need to provide a license?

 You do not need to provide any documents and license

Where are the orders being shipped from?

All of our orders are shipped from the Hongkong!